Thursday, November 3, 2022


she used to be my whiskey girl,

always downing Wild Turkey 101 and even after ten drinks

she’d walk straight, hardly showing the effects of the elixir.

Gina would drink anything under the sun, as long

as it was in abundance. I fixed her margaritas and she loved

how I coated the glass with blow.

she was the only one eagerly swilling my hangover cures,

she had no trouble outdrinking me even when she had

to go to work and I stayed inside, draining Four Roses

and waging war on the page.

I haven’t seen her in quite a while; I moved away, to a

different country altogether,

and I still miss her smile—nothing better to kick hangover’s ass

than her full, luscious lips and hypnotizing hazel eyes.

I’m guessing she’s still dancing in that underground joint,

making money out of sexless, hopeless men.

my third gin and tonic of the day is dedicated to her. and when

I crack Wild Turkey, in an attempt to crank shit up,

I’ll dedicate the first couple of glasses to her.

afterwards, it’ll become a no holds barred match where

no one will be safe.

George Gad Economou holds a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science and resides in Athens, Greece, doing freelance work whenever he can while searching for a new place to go. His novella, Letters to S., was published in Storylandia Issue 30 and his short stories and poems have appeared in literary magazines, such as Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Chamber Magazine, The Edge of Humanity Magazine, and Modern Drunkard Magazine. His first poetry collection, Bourbon Bottles and Broken Beds, was published by Adelaide Books in 2021.