Saturday, October 1, 2022

Jim, Johnnie, and Jack

These are my buddies,

Jim, Johnnie, and Jack

They’ve been with me each evening

Since the day I got back

Stints in the jungle, stints in the sand

If you had been with me

Then you’d understand

They help me remember

They help me forget

That I’m safe and sound

Though I don’t sense that yet

Each has a purpose

Each has a goal

To make sure I function

Somewhat in control


Jim is my first choice

A real mellow fellow

Quick on the uptake

Quick to say hello

Tan as a Barbie

Left out in the sun

Smooth with the ladies

Always looking for fun


Johnnie’s called Walker

Sometimes just Red

May not know what he’s doing

May not know what he’s said

He’s harder than Jim

The way that he’s used

A little more active

A bit more abused


Jack is much darker

A fighter you know

Always quite ready

To trade blow for blow

An eye for an eye

A tooth for a tooth

Seldom listens to reason

Seldom cares for the truth


Yes, these are my buddies

Jim, Johnnie, and Jack

They bring me courage

When it’s courage I lack

Tell me when I’m right

Tell me when I’m wrong

Tell me when to relax

And to just go along


Jim, Johnnie and Jack

And I all agreed

Jim, Johnnie and Jack

Are all that I need

Mike Dailey is a fairly well known poet in southeast North Carolina.  He lives near Sunset Beach with his wife of 50 years and the occasional visits with his daughter and two grandkids. His poems have been published in several magazines and anthologies.   He has had three books of poetry collections published; one based on cancer treatments he underwent, one based on his 30 years working as a civilian analyst for the US Army, and a book of spiritual poems.  He is always putting together several collections and looking for publishers. Mike’s poetry can be serious, topical, or very moving but he is known more for his rhythm and rhyme poetry with a twist of humor.