Sunday, September 25, 2022

Bobby Ray

Do you know Bobby Ray?

Yeah, I know Bobby Ray.

Why you asking? I don’t

know. You believe his shit?

What shit?


Never mind. If you can’t see

the moss on the tree, why bother?


It’s only 10:30 in the am.


What’s that got do with anything?


Sounds like you might have sweetened

morning joe with a thing or two.


There’s only one thing.


Tell me about it.


Damn that Bobby Ray.

Philip Dean Brown has had short fiction published in Voices West, Farmer’s Market, and Strong Coffee, The Blue Bib and Switchblade.  His story Helpless won a PEN Syndicated Fiction award. The story was selected by Mona Simpson. A story of his won 3rd prize in Typehouse’s open fiction contest. He has published poems in Subterranean Blue Poetry, New Reader, The Mojave Review, Sin Fronteras and The Global Poemic Project. A haiku of his was chosen by the Old Pueblo Poems competition and was on display in downtown Tucson.