Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Cummann Merriman 1976

Non-stop drinking week

All smashed at “The Midnight Court”

Salute to Brian.


 That week in Ennis

We lay on the hotel lawn

Guinness for breakfast.


Britvic and vodka

For lunch, sandwiches passed out.

We too, in the shade.


Speakers were slurring.

I think they still made some sense.

Can’t recall a word.


After it got dark

We went to the hotel lounge

Drinks and chaos were afoot.


Short nights in August.

Next day we did it again.

O.D.E. still made sense.


When it was over

Some went direct to re-hab.

I drove to Dublin.


Staying at the Y.

I began to eat again.

Next week I flew home.

Norma Coleman Jenckes, born and raised in Pawtucket,RI, earned her PhD, (Illinois 1974) in Literature. A poet and playwright, Jenckes has several produced plays and published her poems in such journals as AMBIT, THE PARIS REVIEW, Antigonish Review, Appalachian Heritage, Origami Project, Eastern Structures and has published three volumes of poetry: “Dementia: That Undiscovered Country” “Only Gossamer my Ghazals” and “Sailing to Tarshish”. A Yaddo Fellow and a Fulbright Senior Scholar, Professor Emerita University of Cincinnati, Jenckes has taught and lived in Ireland, India, and Romania.