Tuesday, July 12, 2022


I stop at Frank’s Grille,  

full of rednecks but worth  

my long-haired risk since 

the cheap draft beers make 

Nautilus mugs look like shots. 

I imagine the guy in Stamford whose 

driveway I’d helped pave walking in. 

He’d have to be wary in this joint as 

fellow drinkers are likely share the same 

mind as the boss’s douchebag brother  

who performed his limp- 

wrist and lisping routine 

every time the gent who was 

very generous with his Lowenbrau, 

came out to inspect our progress. 

 I don’t recall how it came up but 

the fellow said lacking a high school 

diploma hadn’t held him back. 

He had a big job with an airline. 

U.S. chess champ Bobby Fischer, 

a dropout himself is the news 

competing against a Russian. 

America’s patriots hate Bobby’s 

lack of sportsmanship, doesn’t 

care if he wins or loses.

I need a grand for tuition 

and I’m out of work. 

It’s not just my part in ripping 

out foliage on our next job, 

widening a long driveway 

leading to a ritzy Colonial 

that was supposed to remain 

that got me expelled. 

The Nazi reported me 

for paving while drunk 

instead of the boss’s brother.

Thomas M. McDade is a 76 year old resident of Fredericksburg, VA, previously CT & RI. He is a graduate of Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT as well as twice a U.S. Navy Veteran, serving ashore at the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center, Dam Neck Virginia Beach, VA and at sea aboard the USS Mullinnix (DD-944) and USS Miller (DE / FF-1091). His poetry most recently appeared in The Chariot Press Review.