Thursday, July 14, 2022

By the Pint

Real stars overhead and a cool Burbank heated-heater breeze
A well tended fire smoldering
Right here
But also nearby, in the fireplace
Conversation, wide and long and daredevil deep
And Irish stout poured by the pint
And the Beauty
The real and imagined Beauty telling stories and revealing secrets
Convinced me that they are right:
Guinness is good for you!

Born and raised in Canada, Heath Houseman started writing plays in the second grade. That morphed into short stories, novels, screenplays and you get the idea. While studying theatre in college, he stumbled upon the poetry of Stan Rice and fell in love with the possibilities. He’s been writing poetry ever since. He's a produced and published playwright, screenwriter, and freelancer. Drank Guinness from the Fountainhead in Dublin, a religious experience that saved his life. Check out his work at: