Monday, June 27, 2022

Your Royal Hiccup

Having finished the Shiraz, I’m convinced that
your father's wife (not necessarily your mother) 
exposed him (not in the physical sense)
to his wife (your brother’s, not your father’s) 
and if she lied (no, not your mother, her) 
then sinned (yes, yes, what else is transgress) 
against him (not me, not you, you know who) 
then the disadvantage was the man’s 
(which used to mean person, not sex) 
and not the woman’s (or the opposite sex 
as if there were two and no more). 
As for refills, go ahead. Open the Merlot.

Drew Pisarra is the author of You're Pretty Gay (2021), a short story collection; Infinity Standing Up (2019), a poetry collection; and The Strange Case of Nick M. (2021), a radio play commissioned by Imago Theatre. He is also a literary grantee of Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators (2021) and Cafe Royal Cultural Foundation (2021).