Sunday, June 19, 2022

One for the Road, I Guess

Yeah, that girl, the one with the swaying breasts

in the sequin dress, uh, halter, I dunno,

is that blood splatters across her top, uh no, the glittering of sequins

swaying and jiggling to and fro, God, you’d think

I was drinking liquid acid not Scotch on the rocks,

maybe I’m just overtired, or just tired but I can’t,

I just can’t take my eyes off her swaying salmon pink and blood-splattered top

that cover her enthusiasm so hypnotically. . . .


My heart is both object and verb,

and is lined with the tackiness of tomato-red blood.

Veins and arteries are the construct, my life

is the experience and the nattiness of blood,

and sinew, is taylor-made for pumping

almost casually to the disco-beat of life,

and our love courses through it all,

which is the anecdote and bleeds plot and point,


All I can think of is that

life is a lot of shit

mixed with stardust and blood,

as I continue to try to drink

my bloodlust sullenness away.

Originally published by Yellow Mama magazine, Black Petals Press, February 2020

Jennifer Lemming won Grand Prize for her poetry in the Dancing Poetry Contest in 2019.  Most recently she was a judge for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (SAWA) North Dakota region in Winter 2021. Her most recent blog post about living in North Dakota can be found by the host’s site, Hudson Valley Writers Guild

Her poems and short fiction have been published in online and print journals for the last several years, to the present date. Her latest chapbook, Star Slough, was published by Dark Heart Press, March 2019. The Clever Level, published by Celestial Panther Press (2012) is currently out of print.  She lives in Bismarck, North Dakota where she hands out her extra copies of the Poetry Magazine to anyone interested, usually in Tattoo parlors & beauty salons in Mandan and Bismarck North Dakota.