Saturday, June 11, 2022

Buying Liquor on a Bible Belt Tuesday

You’re wondering what’s cradled in my arms,

what spirits swaddled in my paper bag.

You put your groceries in a family car,

but watch me as I stride across the lot.

Your hair turns with your head, a fitting frame

to mount your gaze of scorn—or is it envy?

My hair hangs free, with silver I don’t hide.

I walk untroubled to my truck, then smile

and roll by, waving like a pageant queen.

A woman loosed… free and flaunting my sin

Sharon Wright Mitchell
is a neurodivergent teacher, poet, and MFA dropout. She has been published in Independent Variable, The American Journal of Poetry, and The Wild Word, among others. Her drink of choice is a dark n’ stormy made with Ghost Coast Tiki Spiced Rum (produced in her home state of Georgia) and Goslings Ginger Beer.  For poetry and adventures, follow her on Instagram: @apoetseyeview