Friday, June 3, 2022

An Ode to the Forgotten Drunk

you sit upon your barstool

in a haze of shattered dreams

with the crust of nightmares old and new

encaked upon your jeans

with one hand on your whisky glass

and one on your cigar

you vaguely muse on where you've been

and also where you are

the jukebox plays a happy song

picked out by someone else

a fool to you perhaps, but cool, to himself

so who's the winner in this tale

of battles to the death?

a drunk with whisky on his mind,

or whisky on his breath?

Alex B. Diamond
is a multitalented poet and artist from Chicago. He is adept at many artforms, but concentrates most of his energy into poetry and photography. He has published his first three books of poetry this year, and has a book of essays due out shortly. The poems featured here are from his first book The Soul Breathes Solitude...and other poems, found at cyberwit.