Friday, April 23, 2021

This is Someplace Else

I know 
the uneven score
when she
tells me
she’s been everywhere
she can't return to.
Funny title
She says of Naked Lunch
I’m rereading for
the fifth time
and she never.
The pretzels stale
as the air
but its her entangled
sentences free of meaning
that suffocates any chance.
“Whiskey makes me tired
but these drinks
are shit” she says
loud enough
as the bartender passes.
“Lets go somewhere else
I tell her”
but she
shakes her head
“this is somewhere else”
she says as her eyes
flash boredom has
reached close proximity
so I leave…
with her faint
kiss for luck
I play my best game
of pool in months
while she drinks
on my tab.
Until another
talks better than I
orders her more drinks
& further damages
what’s broken.

Monday, March 22, 2021


creep exciting bender building

plan ride vision drink night take-off

alone home load up six pack ale

bubbly bottle wine from cask

public transport heading city

down-town music hipster pub

beer pints plenty five six seven

pipes outside stoners blazing

drink chat ramble eight ball play darts

move rock fast be art crew locals

outside gabble venue closing

night-club stumble try look sober

spirits first more beers cold bottles

floating wasted dance-floor crazy

dark corner kissing mumble stranger

conversation intimate new best mate

leaving club mindless wobble

dawn sky rhythm laugh fall blunder

after party alien hook-up

smoke cigarettes pot-fuelled sex the follow

bright light home time walk-crawl-wasted

checking pockets phone still there

unconscious sleep hot dehydrated

wake up put together my night out big