Sunday, October 4, 2020

Winter Arrives

The bitter cold

keeping me indoors

as if it were a cop

and I a suspicious

person of



Alcohol makes me brave

it always does and

stupid too.

Yet I put on my coat to

buy some escape.


The three degree

weather slaps me

like Bogie did Lorrie

in The Maltese Falcon

and orders me to

like it the same way.

I just swear and get

inventive upon finding

the liquor store closed.


Six long blocks to the next

one or three to the next bar.

This is why some men

are always drunk

and others



Me, I'm somewhere in between.

Rp Verlaine has an MFA in creative writing from City College and taught in New York Public schools for many years. Currently, he is a writer and photographer in New York. His volume of poetry- Damaged by Dames & Drinking published in 2017 and another – Femme Fatales Movie Starlets & Rockers in 2018. A set of three e books began with the publication of Lies From The Autobiography vol1 was published in November of 2018. Vol 2 was published in 2019 and a third Volume in 2020. His poetry has appeared in Atlas Poetica, The Linnet's Wings, Haikuniverse, Stardust Haiku, The Local Train, Proletaria, Scryptic, Humankind Journal, Fractured Haiku, Under the Basho, Plum Tree Tavern, Fresh Out Magazine, Ugly Writers, Prune Juice, Incense Dreams, Best Poetry, Blazevox, Pikers Press, Bleached-Butterfly, Poems' bout Love & Hate anthology. Scry of Lust 2