Monday, October 26, 2020

Just a Bar

These days,

it’s hard to find a bar that’s just a bar.

Now all the bars have a theme: sports bars, foodie bars, live music, DJs,

and they serve sugary drinks, or craft beers that taste like wood.


In East Hollywood there are still a few places

where the only sign is a neon that says: Cocktails.

The windows are bricked up and the walls are painted black.

Where we can sit in the darkness.

Where we can sit in the silence.

Where we can sit alone, together.

Where we can sit and drink,

no excuses,

no shame,

in peace.

It’s just a bar.

Westley Heine is a writer and multimedia artist. He is known for his documentaries Poetry in Action and Trail of Quetzalcoatl, the latter of which has a companion book of poetry. Publications of his work have appeared The Chicago Reader, Gravitas, Beatdom, Verse of Silence, Bleached Butterfly, and Wellington Street Review. His writing examines love, death, street life, class oppression, madness, and everything from the disturbing to metaphysical revelation. He grew up in Wisconsin, was educated in Chicago, and bummed from New York to Mexico to California. He now resides with his wife in Los Angeles.
Instagram: @westleyheine and facebook/westley.heine